Sweet Paws Nail Polish

A made-up product (for a school project) for which I was to create an identity. Read on... For centuries, women have enjoyed painting their nails. However, also for centuries until today, they have had to endure the nasty smell that comes with painting their nails. In addition, nail polish has had toxic ingredients that negatively affect the user’s health by application and inhalation, as well as a negative impact on the environment. Enter Sweet Paws. Sweet Paws is a smell-good, do-good nail polish. It uses organic ingredients that does not hurt the user or the envoronment—much more friendly to the environment than traditional nail polishes. Because of its organic quality, Sweet Paws does not carry the bone piercing nasty smell that almost all other nail polish brands carry. Every color of Sweet Paws is of a scent that relates to the color, making the nail painting experience a much more pleasant one. For individuals at home or nail professionals at salons, Sweet Paws seeks to change the way people think about nail polish and provide an inviting nail painting experience to look forward to.

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